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10 important reasons to have a website

10 important reasons to have a website

For Customers To Find You

Your website gives people instant access to your contact info. If you do not have a website, it is so much more likely taht they will find someone else on google when they actually need the service.

To Really Be Present In Local Search

Think about your own behavior. Looking for a pizza shop – what do you do? If you are just researching, you ask friends and family. You ask around on Facebook groups. But when you are serious, you google and look at what is near you. It’s exactly the same for any service. If your website isn’t setup for local search, you’re missing out on the largest audience that could be instantly interested in your services and products.

For Marketing

A website should never be a static piece of digital content. It should always drive customers to you. How? Through marketing activities. By aligning your business goals with the function of your website, you could use marketing tactics like sales funnels, google AdWords and social media to point people to your website to instantly convert them into customers without you even talking to them.

That is the value of having a good website!

It Builds Trust

Ever heard of a business, just to have googled them, and not found a single thing about them online? How did that feel? It made you lose trust in that business immediately, right?

That’s the risk you are running if you do not have a presence online, especially with your own website.

Add to that some social proof, and you have a touch point that is way more valuable than you had before.

Your Business Goes From 9 – 5, To 24 hours

Your website is an always on sales person. Whether someone is googling for solutions that you offer at 3am, or during their lunch break, or whenever – having a website makes a platform available to your potential customers that is always open to get information, to ask questions and to enable sales when you too, are having a break.

Immediately Give People Access To Your Services And Products

Some website owners spend a lot of time beautifying their homepage, but did you know, it’s your subpages like products, services and contact page that does the most work for your business. With effective website design, these optimized pages ensure people find you when they are searching for more general product of service terms. Having a good website, can help you compete among the big guys, helping your products and services to stand out on search engines.

It also makes it a lot easier for people to refer you via a link that is easily accessible and shareable on mobile and web.

Puts You In Control Of Telling People About Your Business, Services And Products

If you’ve ever had a bad review, then you know exactly what we mean by this. Your website gives you the opportunity to own the voice and rhetoric of your brand. Instead of putting in someone else’s hands to educate your customers about your offering, a website allows you the opportunity to own it, and give them the information that you frame and collate.

Total control.

Expand your Business’s Reach from Local to Global!

This is more than valuable. Many businesses need a larger footprint, and to reach customers nationally or even internationally. But how?

A good website design can expand your target market globally and expose your business to people that could make use of your services far beyond local reach.

Especially valuable if you are selling your goods online ?

A Good Website Distinguishes You From Your Mediocre Competitors

Have you googled business that offer the same services as you? Have you seen how similar these sites are? Have you ever though to yourself: “Well, I definitely think our products/services are better. Our customers think so too!”

That’s all fine and dandy, but do your potential customers know that? What differentiates your online presence from your competitors?

Also, what makes people more likely to make use of your competitor’s services, instead of yours, based on their website?

There are so many opportunities to really create a great online presence. You just have to ask yourself if you are ready.

Become The Ninja Of Your Customer Journey – Get Secret Insight Into Your Customers

This is so important!

Did you know that you can follow your customer’s journey to your brand online? You can also see what they do on your website, and even analyze where they came from and why they didn’t buy.

All from just having a website. And good website design keeps them on your site, and guides them to where they should go.

How powerful is that? How amazing is it that you can take this knowledge and apply it to your marketing to adapt your customer’s journey.

You can become the ninja of your customer journey.

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