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AWESOME Graphic Design

Alpha Frost Studios offers more than just consulting. We can help you brainstorm and executed all your graphic design needs. 

We have also helped create CI’s and brand guidelines for many businesses and companies. We offer logo design, brand template design, CI design, advertising design for social media, websites and search engines, as well as social media content design.

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

A logo is the first thing, besides a name, that we think about when it comes to starting a business. It’s the mark that helps customers identify us from our competitors, and speaks volumes about a business, before a customer even phones you. We create professional logos that can be used from web to large billboards, and even print. We offer logo design to all sizes of business, each one being equally important, strategic and unique.

Corporate Identity Design

A corporate identity is the fundamental building blocks of everything your brand will be represented as, through graphic, print, digital and sometimes even video format. Not having a corporate identity in place could actually cost you more in the long run. A complete corporate identity identifies everything from fonts, colors and perspectives that should be respected when anything is designed for your brand, and it is also a very important document to ensure all your branding is consistent.

Advertising Design

We offer graphic design for billboards, print flyers, business cards and anything advertising related. Need an ad designed for a magazine, a newspaper, or an insert in a school program? We help you put together a concept and adhere to your brand’s CI accordingly.

Billboard Design

Your name should be in lights, but there is nothing good about a billboard design that doesn’t speak to your audience, is bland and does not represent your brand well. We help you with a concept, and billboard graphic design that speaks to your brand and your audience.

Digital Design

Digital Graphic design is applied in anything web – from paid media ads, banner ads, social media posts and advertising – we do it all. We specialize specifically in graphic design for web, to help websites perform at their best.

Graphic Design

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