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Maliza FrostI always advise all our clients to set up their marketing as a retainer. A retainer is a monthly agreement, that allows for a set of services to be offered for a set monthly amount. You probably still have a lot of questions, so here is why I am so pro retainer:

  1. Without a retainer, you can’t measure results because you can’t set a consistent monthly benchmark. 
  2. Without a retainer, you can’t figure out what really works for your business, instead you try multiple things without consistent success and ROI.
  3. Can’t find the sweet spot between owned, earned and paid media.
  4. Retainers cost less in the long run.
  5. Retainers gives you a larger scope of services.
  6. Retainers build relationships.
  7. Retainers allow for a smoother workflow.
  8. Retainers allow for planning ahead.

Monthly retainers can start at as little as $250 a month, depending on your needs. That’s a small price tag to see results. You are one step closer to marketing success!

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General terms and conditions to this promotion:

  1. Discount is not applied to any hard costs including advertising, stock images or footage or stock music. Anything that is a hard cost cannot be discounted.
  2. The retainer discount is subject to a 6 month minimum retainer to ensure we can work towards results that are satisfactory.
  3. All estimates are also subject to our overall terms and conditions.