Why make use of website design services?

The purpose of a website is basically two fold. Firstly to create a home for your business online, and secondly, for your customers to find you.

Website Design Services offered

Website Development and Design

Alpha Frost Studios has been doing website design for companies of all sizes for the last 13 years. Now we focus our efforts and expertise on the food industry by creating websites for restaurants, for food trucks, food bloggers, food products, and quite literally anything food related.

We don’t just do website design – we take a strategic approach to website design, because we know clients want more than just the pretty. They want a website that actually works and brings in customers and sales. That’s why we don’t just design them, we craft website design as a tool to assist you in converting customers from the research phase of their search, to an inquiring  and interested customer.

Our websites are built with sustainability and growth in mind. That is why we mostly build in WordPress. The CMS allows for expansion by anyone, not just by us. We can also train you in updating your website as needed, ensuring it stays relevant, and in doing so, keeping costs low.

We want you to have a website that works for you. Not just one that sits on the internet, gathering dust.

SEO // Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.”

We create content for websites, blogs and other web properties specifically for SEO purposes.

And you want visitors to your website, right? SEO is an organic marketing tactic where content is created to attract a specific type of client that would be interested in your business, product or services. Think about your competitors – how does your website differ from theirs? We’re betting the content is very much the same, right? What if you could use tools provided by search engines, to create content that brings people to your website? SEO should not be an after thought, but should rather be incorporated into your website design and build from the get go.

It’s like milkshake. It brings ’em to the yard.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is an ever evolving open source platform, and things like plugins and themes need constant updating to ensure you have the latest versions on your website design.

We update plugins, security, help with backups, loading new content monthly, and ensuring your website performs well with constant monthly maintenance.

Depending on how your website was built, you might need to update your security, your plugins, or even keep information updated. 

Perhaps you need someone to manage the content that gets posted on your website weekly, or monthly.

We help various clients with monthly updates, and even help them upload blog posts, new pages to their sites, or even adapt their sites based on data from continual analysis.

Website Analysis

You have a website, but it’s just not doing what it is supposed to? Let’s figure out why, and get you on the right track.

If your website is not on the first page of google, or perhaps it just isn’t bringing in any leads, we’re here to help you understand why. We use industry leading tools to analyze everything from the code on your website design, the copy on your website…we can even help you understand exactly what people do on your website by recording and tracking their movements. Mind. Blown! Right?! It’s time to stop guessing why your website isn’t performing. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Need Urgent WordPress help or Maintenance?

Website Design

Why is a website important?

People visit websites to learn more about what you offer, what you do, and how they can make use of your services, or even buy your products.

That’s where a lot of websites, unfortunately, fail. Most of the websites that business ask us to look at for website design, have two things in common:

  1. They either say “My website is old. I have forgotten about it, and it needs a makeover”
  2. Or, they say “My website doesn’t do anything. I get no leads from my website. I can just as well shut it down.”

But here’s the thing – a website is more than just pretty pictures. It’s the silent salesman of your business. It’s the salesman that is wide awake at all hours of the morning, when someone is browsing the web from the dark corners of their bedroom, looking for services and products like yours. It’s the web address they send their colleagues, clients and business partners to show them that they have found a solution.

Does your website really communicate the solution it offers for your potential customers? And does it do so, exactly where customer would find it?

Heck, does it even attract the right customers, or are you just seeing either no traffic come to your site, or hordes of irrelevant traffic?

This can be extremely frustrating, especially in a time where most potential customers start their research and search for products online. And then…can’t find you.

But, let’s remedy that. It’s fixable. With a bit of strategy, some good website design, and a product and service offering that is attracting the ideal customers for your business, your silent salesman, also known as your website, can and will make you proud.

Many people try to set up their site themselves, just to realize it is not as easy as it looks. Writing copy for web, designing images that are correct for web, and even doing SEO takes years of training, learning, doing and adjusting. And it’s not just a once off job. Like any business, or marketing channel, your website needs monthly updates, and if you want to attract new clients and gain credit with search engines, you better ensure your site remains new and relevant every day.

Now we know that’s not what you signed up for. Your business isn’t web design. Ours is. So, instead of spending weeks trying to get a website out, and ultimately losing more money than it would have cost you to just do it right, get in touch, and let’s get you online. The right way. Even if you have an existing site. Let’s make it really work for you. 

Website Design

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